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Quality control

Quality is the life, technology is a source of strength.

Strict quality control every aspect of our production line carried out strict quality inspection relying on precision design in the procedures carried out, and trained numerous talents and cutting-edge production equipment.

1. IQC (incoming inspection)

All raw materials suppliers must have proof, and must be put into production before the feed testing. Sometimes, the raw materials to be sent to an independent laboratory for special testing to meet customer requirements. All raw materials are marked classified, so at any time, the production can be tracked to the original source.

2. Mid-term test

Each stage of production should be monitored by the mid-term test. Each stage in the production of the first product to be tested. Only in the survey was completed by the quality control manager to start after confirmation by batch production. The operator of each machine in the production process will be ongoing testing. Inspectors will regularly check product samples made from each machine, regular sampling.

3. End testing

The last hurdle for the inspector to sign all the documents, stamped and certified, the company's products can only appropriate library. Our goal is to achieve zero defect quality control at 100% of the finished product.

Environmental Protection

Protect our living environment - not use of certain hazardous substances

In recent years, legislation on the restriction of environmentally harmful chemicals used continuously strengthened. This is based on departure from the protection of the global environment, the establishment of "no use of certain hazardous substances" behavior is corporate social responsibility, but also will gradually become a worldwide environmental standards.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

People-oriented, according to the law.

Comply with occupational health and safety laws and regulations and other requirements that we agree.

Clear in the course of business activities of all health and safety risks, by health and safety management, reduce health and safety risks to social progress and well-being of employees to make their own contribution.

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